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Best Sellers and New Arrivals

Bestsellers are selected each month from the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, and Bookseller best selling lists.  These books arrive around the 15th of the month and are posted and placed in our bestseller's section. Other books are placed in the collection as received and listed below.

August 2016
Best Sellers and New Arrivals:

Bolling, Eric--------------------Wake Up America
Brown, Eleanor--------------The Light of Paris
Castillo, Linda----------------Among the Wicked
Fairstein, Linda--------------Killer Look
Giffin, Emily--------------------First Comes Love
Macomber, Debbie--------Sweet Tomorrow
Patterson, James----------Bullseye
Rosenfelt, David------------Outfoxed
Wendig, Chuck---------------Star Wars: Life Debt- Aftermath

August - 2016
New Audio Books:

Bullseye-----------------------------------James Patterson
Sweet Tomorrows------------------Debbie Macomber
A Caribbean Mystery-------------Agatha Christie
Star Wars: Life Debt--------------Chuck Wendig
Guilty Minds---------------------------Joseph Finder